27 March, 2014

What's hot on beaches for 2014? Well bikinis of course. But what Bikinis are really HOT?
Great Bikinis Beach Trend 2014
Well it's really quite simple, tiny string bikinis with lots of color and the tinier the better. It seems that the thong and g string bikini are a real hit and continue to grow in popularity as are the tongas and skimpy string bikinis.
It's all about the color and style and women with larger frames are once again being drawn to the tiny string bikini as a favorite and we think it's about time. Styles and attitudes are changing and larger women are slipping into their new teeny tiny string bikinis and looking simply fabulous.
The body style for the bikini has gone through a long overdue migration. We are slipping back into the late sixties and early seventies body types where woman were considerably heavier wearing bikinis.
This is not to say that slimmer woman should not be wearing bikinis, it just means that the more and more woman can feel comfortable and look gorgeous in their bikinis. So for this bikini beach season, it's got to have strings, color and curves.
Say yes to the string bikini and get out there and strut your stuff.