09 April, 2014

Women thrive on novelty and are easy dishes for the commerce of fashion. Style, looks, designs, glamour - all this words actually penetrates deep into a woman's heart and stays till she is satiated with her wardrobe collection. But the truth is she is never satisfied with her own collection .It is every woman's universally said dialogue "oh! god, I don't have a perfect dress for today's event". And what next? Shopping, Shopping and shopping ! Urge towards unnecessary shopping makes you 'SHOPAHOLIC'.
Shopaholic term is used for the person who is addicted to unnecessary shopping. In other ways it is defined as Compulsive Buying Disorder which harms oneself financially and emotionally.
HEY GIRL! WAIT! Don't be scared. You don't need to worry about it. Just relax, after-all its a feminine feature and there are ways to refrain yourself from it.
First set in mind, 'Fashion fades but style is eternal'. Fashion actually deals with the clothes and stuffs you buy and style defines the way you carry you stuffs. Bring down your style to the street and stop accepting the one originated there. From years of experience and knowledge you must have known by now, it is not the beauty of the dress that defines you else it's you and your style that brings the dress to live appearance. Style is an individually distinctive way of putting ourselves together.Style reflects the real -self, the character and personality of an individual.
Do you know some women are addicted to shopping as they think shopping gives out their stress bursts. Is it the right way to deal with your stress? No, of-course not. All they do is- they shop, have their own part of joy, get relaxed and the very next moment they panic on realising the fact of their unnecessary expenditure and gets more stressed .And the cycle goes on.
Grow up girls! think about it.
Don't put up your stress and burden on shopping else try out some other ways like styling yourself with the stuffs that you already have! This is fun, exciting and brings you up to the street everyday with new looks and styles .Mix-match your wardrobe collections. Collect all the scarfs, stockings, stoles and pendants you have and match them up with your old tees and shirts. Because it's a new era my girl, an era where there is no rules for fashion .It's all about individual and personal styling.
I have found out some awesome ways to change up your daily looks with scarfing. Come let's have a look -
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