01 April, 2014

I guess technically the courts are their office, so I started thinking about what is appropriate jewelry attire for another (more standard) type of office.
  • Keep it simple.  (Unless you are in the creative or fashion industry, or happen to work as a stand-in for one of the 'Downton Abbey' characters.) In other words, choose only one piece each time: a bangle, necklace or earrings but not all of them at once. Even if it's something classic as pearl earrings and a pearl necklace , I find sometimes both items worn at the same time can be quite distracting ( not to mention contrived) . If you do go for the pearl necklace, wear discreet gold/silver stud earrings instead.
  • Offices are loud enough what with the phones ringing and the copier machines (and co-workers gripping about working late.)  Your jewelry shouldn't add to the din. I love the stacked bracelet look, but the noise they make every time I reach for the coffee mug, or go thru files, is too distracting. If you sit most of the time, and a clunky, long necklace keeps banging into the top of your desk, leave it at home from now on and opt for shorter necklaces.  (Like a choker.  Or you might find someone fitting you with a choker unexpectedly.)
  • Save the dramatic or excessive for fun and keep work jewelry simple, elegant and minimal.   (Think Grace Kelly, not grills.)
  • Too many faux-gems should be put aside for playtime as well.  If you're wearing fake jewelry, how can people trust you with their accounts?
  • Stick to matte jewels such as pearls or brushed metals. You don't want co-workers or clients to be constantly blinded by the glint off your disco-ball earrings. And if you do wear polished metal jewelry , again - keep it simple and minimal.