01 April, 2014

Twitter gives you 140 characters to work with in the social media landscape, Instagram gives you that and…well…a thousand words.

For the fashion industry, Instagram is a digital playground, an essential means of documenting all the of-the-moment runway collections, parties, and pretty people that make outsiders simultaneously loathe and envy the fashion flock.

This a instagram Fashion Industry You Must Follow\

Kyle Anderson | @kyleeditor
Marie Claire's Accessories Director is without a doubt the loudest personality at the magazine. Channeling the electric exuberance of K-Pop and teenage sass of Private School Girl's Ja'mie King ("quiche" is actually a part of his everyday parlance), Kyle's extravagant outfit pics are irresistible. And if runway ADD exists, this man has it: he obsessively posts ALL of his favorite looks from EVERY show he attends. He's a top fashion editor. That's a lot of shows.

Harry Brant | @harry_brant
He's only one half of the socialite style duo that is the Brant brothers, sons of model Stephanie Seymour and Interview Magazine publisher Peter Brant. But Harry is the true poster child of fashion's professional partygoers (quite literally, in fact: he's 17). While it's clear most of the venues he frequents are intended for the 21+ crowd, his fearless dress, precocious one-liners and shameless vanity make him a coveted presence at every conceivable industry event.

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